BrandXpand Advertiser Acquisition Program

A superior unsold inventory acquisition program combining proven sales concepts and cutting edge sales training.


​​​​​​​​​​Guaranteed quantifiable results which cleverly solve inventory challenges yet ensure call to action advertising results.

BrandAd Worlds Best Branding Campaign

Solve inventory challenges with Branding advertising schedules that include one on one Creative Diagnostic sessions with the world's most award winning creative writer. (Ralph Van Dijk -Eardrum).

Telephone Sales Products ‘In Month’ Advertising Offers

Ideas that can be sold via the telephone that generate 'in month' and forward sales advertising results.  6 Proven Concepts to use throughout the year.

AdSpeak Attract ‘New to Radio’ Advertisers

AdSpeak : ​​​​​​​​​​Advertising Feedback Research that generates a qualified database. Can also be used as a sales tool to eliminate the six main reasons advertisers say no.


Ideas that can be sold via the telephone that generate 'in month' and forward sales advertising results. 6 Proven Concepts to use throughout the year.

The Wiser Advertiser Club Help Businesses Soar to New Heights

The Wiser Advertiser program is a way to quickly and easily eliminate wastage within your radio sales team's prospecting efforts, it  is a precisely put together package of advertising advantages and added value benefits that stretch their investment further and incorporate a variety of digital strategies.

Small Business Amplifier 21 (GENUINE) GAME CHANGERS

21 Invaluable insights that you can apply today without spending a cent. (All applicable to any Small Business, regardless of industry type). You can expect instant results.

Sales Training

At the core of achieving improved sales performance is adjusting the ‘self-image’ of your sales people. To get your sales people to consistently perform better they need to believe they are worth more. Let Hawker Media's 'Effective Communication Trainings' transform your sales people into sales champions.

Solution Selling

It’s great to have an effective sales methodology  like 'Solution Selling'. However, what’s more beneficial is the practical day to day techniques to ensure it is applied.

Uncovering Opportunities​

The real skill in sales is getting customers to want to open up to you and share valuable information with you. Learn cutting edge 'diagnostic call' sequences to get the most vaulable information.


​Closing is really about getting an accurate status on where you stand in the sales process. Learn the strategies that gets  customers prepared to move forward.

Skills Clients

Roy Hawker has worked in media sales for 20 years, in 6 countries and 84 media markets.  He has held sales and management positions with The Radio Network, More FM, Mediaworks and NRS Media before starting his own business in 2007.

Different Media Markets


Years Media Sales Experience


Countries Implemented

Advertising Advice Videos

Roy Hawker from Hawker Media offers advice on how you can get the best from your radio advertising.

Our Clients Testimonials

Below is a collection of some of the feedback Roy has received from both management and sales people.
Gary Stroebel
Gary Stroebel Chief Executive Officer - Central Media
​I have worked with Roy Hawker in various roles since 2004. In that time I have come to regard Roy as one of the best communicators I have ever met.

He has a way of connecting people that is uncanny. This personal approach, coupled with his perceptive and philosophical style of communication, allows Roy to get things done in both a training and sales environment that is frankly world-class.

He is able to be both authentic and credible in almost any environment, mostly due to his phenomenal knowledge of the body of literature by modern thought leaders and business writers.

Every time he is SA, I ask him to spend time with my sales team and my management. They come away from sessions with Roy re-energised and refocused on success. Roy is a natural coach, and his primary strength is his ability to get the best of people in any situation. Roy has meant a tremendous amount to my business, both in terms of direct income, as well as personal development.
Ralph Van Dijk
Ralph Van Dijk Founding Creative Director - Eardrum
I’ve been watching Roy weave his magic for almost 10 years now have seen the incredible impact he has made and continues to make on hundreds of advertisers and sales teams.
He possesses a rare combination of passion and pragmatism, with a work ethic second to none.
Roy really understands the power of radio and can communicate this with infectious enthusiasm - not to mention a ready supply of bad jokes.
I didn’t say he was perfect.
Abdool Azezz
Abdool Azezz Senior Account Executive - East Coast Radio
My name is Abdool Azeez and I'm with East Coast Radio for 8 years now, in my time I have never worked with a more focused, knowledgeable and professional individual than Roy. I really regard him as the "Media Einstein" of our time. A huge catalyst in my success in radio is working with Roy.
Magriet Paulsen
Magriet Paulsen Account Manager - Jacaranda 94.2FM
I remember how nervous I was with the first program. I know now I am not there to sell but to improve business for my potential Business partners who I invite to the seminar. Now 3 years later I have learnt so much in every aspect of being an account manager and person. Roy you’ve helped me fine-tune and improve my skills. You should be in every salespersons life. I am thankful for being part of a Sales team that had the opportunity of being coached by you.

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