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Turn your unsold inventory into brand new revenue streams. Working with the world’s best radio creative agency (Eardrum), implement proven marketing strategies for a variety of industries.

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Roy Hawker has worked in media sales for 23 years, in 6 countries and 80 media markets. He has held sales and management positions with The Radio Network, More FM, Mediaworks and NRS Media before starting his own business in 2007.

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Our Clients Testimonials

Below is a collection of some of the feedback Roy has received from both management and sales people.


​I have worked with Roy Hawker in various roles since 2004. In that time I have come to regard Roy as one of the best communicators I have ever met.

He has a way of connecting people that is uncanny. This personal approach, coupled with his perceptive and philosophical style of communication, allows Roy to get things done in both a training and sales environment that is frankly world-class.

He is able to be both authentic and credible in almost any environment, mostly due to his phenomenal knowledge of the body of literature by modern thought leaders and business writers.

Every time he is SA, I ask him to spend time with my sales team and my management. They come away from sessions with Roy re-energised and refocused on success. Roy is a natural coach, and his primary strength is his ability to get the best of people in any situation. Roy has meant a tremendous amount to my business, both in terms of direct income, as well as personal development.
Gary Stroebel Chief Executive Officer - Central Media
I’ve been watching Roy weave his magic for almost 10 years now have seen the incredible impact he has made and continues to make on hundreds of advertisers and sales teams.
He possesses a rare combination of passion and pragmatism, with a work ethic second to none.
Roy really understands the power of radio and can communicate this with infectious enthusiasm - not to mention a ready supply of bad jokes.
I didn’t say he was perfect.
Ralph Van Dijk Founding Creative Director - Eardrum
Roy is a creative and original thinker who possesses excellent interpersonal and organisational skills. He has impressed me as a person with tremendous drive , a passion for his work and a great belief in what he does. He has a wealth of knowledge of the media sales environment and as a media consultant deserves my first-rate recommendation.
Piet Greyling Deputy Group Managing Director - Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers Limited
East Coast Radio has worked with Roy Hawker for a few years now and we have greatly benefited from his sales booster programmes . The various programmes he has run in our market has certainly increased local sales. Roy has also had a significant positive impact on the sales managers and AE’s with his innovative coaching , client service disciplines and inspirational guidance.
Trish Taylor General Manager - East Coast Radio
​I have worked with Roy Hawker in a number of media capacities over the past 3 years and have found Roy to be an individual of the highest calibre.

Roy has added significant value to our business by providing innovative quantifiable advertising solutions to our clients. He understands the need of the client and has one of the best creative and strategic minds I have dealt with in media. Roy understands the need for businesses to have a multimedia strategy and his vast international media background enables him to offer considerable value an advice to a wide range of businesses.

Roy is easy to work with, quickly becomes part of your team and will take your businesses client relationships to the next level.
Lee Piper Southern Regional Manager - The Radio Network
​I've had the privilege to have been working with Roy Hawker for the last 8 years now. He has a sound understanding about advertising and the internet in general and is probably the best sales person I've ever met.

Roy has the ability to conceptualise the right product for your market, due to the fact that he understands the dynamics around traditional- and new media and he is able to speak with authority on these subjects. He is always willing to learn and together we've been sharing in some great successes the last few years. If you are serious about new media, take the time and have a cup of coffee with Roy
Servaas de Kock General Manager - Digital Platforms
We have worked with Roy over the past three years. We have found Roy’s knowledge and understanding of our business to be insightful and accurate. He adds great value to our business bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from other radio stations and markets. He works well with people on many different levels and I have only ever found Roy to be honest, straight forward and caring for the people he works with plus the welfare of the station. He is always well prepared, does his research and is highly professional. We look forward to working with Roy for many years to come.
Cheryl Wheeler General Manager- Sales - East Coast Radio
We’ve been working closely with Roy since 2005 and he has taken our sales teams through various kinds of training programs. In my opinion, he is one of the best trainers in the world.
Things that he teaches you are usable and practical, both at work and in life. His positive energy makes it easy for staff to sit through his trainings. He loves motivating people and he can get the best out of the team in his unique, calm but passionate manner.
Erika Myburg Group Sales Manager - OFM
Roy Hawker is passionate, well organised and highly proffessional in all that he does.
He is ethical and has huge intergrity.
He is also the best sales person I have ever come across in my 27 years in sales.
I would highly recommend Roy's services to all.
Melodie Cohen Direct Sales Manager - MediaMark
Roy has been working with East Coast Radio for 3 years on the hugely successful Brand Xpand program, and I have had the privilege of working closely with him during that process, and have learnt so much. I believe there are 4 main reasons that Brand Xpand is constantly a huge success.

Roy’s Training and motivation leading up to the program. He really understands people, how they think and what makes them successful. The sales team respect him and respond well to his training, so they stay motivated throughout the whole program, and for a very long time afterwards.

Roy at the front of the room. Roy is not only charismatic, he is well-researched, professional and has a wealth of knowledge in media, that comes across clearly when he presents. He has an X-Factor that is not easy to match, and an understanding of the psychology of communication and influence.

The program itself. The program has opened the door to radio for companies who wouldn’t normally be able to experience the power of radio advertising because of the cost. The program has brought in multi-millions of rands each year and more importantly, lots of new clients, who are now growing through their successful radio advertising.

The creative. So many great radio strategies fall flat with bad creative, and Roy knows that and has taken the creative process very seriously. Through his knowledge of many media markets around the world, he trains the creative team before the program starts and gives powerful and effective advice. Then he brings Ralph Van Dijk, one of the greatest creative minds in the world, to advise clients that would normally never be able to afford that kind of world-class creativity.

All these factors combined make sure that the program works. I’m proud to be associated with Roy Hawker, and look forward to many more years of working together.
Brenden Cavanagh Direct Sales Team Leader - East Coast Radio

Account Executives

My name is Abdool Azeez and I'm with East Coast Radio for 8 years now, in my time I have never worked with a more focused, knowledgeable and professional individual than Roy. I really regard him as the "Media Einstein" of our time. A huge catalyst in my success in radio is working with Roy.
Abdool Azezz Senior Account Executive - East Coast Radio
I remember how nervous I was with the first program. I know now I am not there to sell but to improve business for my potential Business partners who I invite to the seminar. Now 3 years later I have learnt so much in every aspect of being an account manager and person. Roy you’ve helped me fine-tune and improve my skills. You should be in every salespersons life. I am thankful for being part of a Sales team that had the opportunity of being coached by you.
Magriet Paulsen Account Manager - Jacaranda 94.2FM
As a business owner your most difficult task would be to ensure overall profitability of your business. Having a successful marketing strategy that would deliver results,and ensuring a return on your marketing investment. Having a motivated and successful sales team, understanding their customers’ needs and delivering on their promises. During the past 20 years I have sat in front of many business owners. 80% of the time business owners needing advertising and marketing solutions. 90% of these business owners finding it difficult to make decisions. I also found most decision makers in business to be very unsure, afraid of losing money, and definitely have trust issues.

Roy; after I first met with you in early February 2010, I quickly realised that I was so wrong.
It is not the business owners having trust issues, but the Sales people walking through their doors. When it comes to marketing, sales, advertising and being a successful sales person you have been a sea of information to me. You share your knowledge freely, and I have found it to be very valuable in my dealings with my clients.

Every training session we have had, has left me inspired and motivated. Trust is earned and Respect comes with your attitude and knowledge when dealing with your clients.
You have certainly gained my trust and respect over the past 3 years, and I would recommend your services to any company looking for growth, success and guidance.
Anneline Fourie Direct Sales Senior Account Manager - Jacaranda 94.2FM
​I first met Roy Hawker a year ago through his Brand Xpand programme which he was running here in Durban South Africa. His reputation had preceded him, but having enjoyed moderate success in my earlier career, I really didn’t see the need of having some ex rugby professional assist me in an arena I was already familiar with.

Then I met Roy and within 20 minutes of his first training session with our team, I realised that he was something very special. Not only was he an engaging, entertaining and captivating trainer, but he also exuded the utmost confidence in the most unpretentious way. The secret of Roy Hawker’s success, is that he truly cares for the people he consults with. I have learnt more in my one on one sessions with Roy, about myself and about people, than in many years of rigorous selling. We have all excelled as a team and individually here at East Coast Radio particularly over the past 2 years and it is due in no small part to Roy’s advice and dedication to helping us become more than we could have ever imagined. Thank you Mr Roy Hawker.
Thane Hean Account Executive - East Coast Radio
The WOMF program, (BrandXpand) / Roy Hawker came into our lives 3 years ago and now remains with us for a 4th year. This in its self is a testament to his ethics, creative business solutions and strategies, which have seen us soar in profit margins and of which continues to do so.

Working with Roy Hawker, I can confirm his integral, honest and ever solution driven nature. He is also a pleasure to work with, in so much as his good humored, friendly, strong, intellectual, team driven and sound-minded personality. He is a great asset to any company and so far as to say, individual/s, he works with and/or for.
Candice Hess Account Manager - MediaMark
Working with Roy for the last 3 years has been an absolute inspiration and I am amazed at how much I’ve learnt from him.
The BrandXpand program has given me the opportunity to not only expand my client base but to empower myself as a sales person.
I couldn’t have done this without Roy’s help and his exceptional knowledge on sales and dealing with clients.
BrandXpand teaches you do work under pressure and helps you realise your true potential.
I am looking forward to the start of the next program and the amazing sense of reward that comes with it. Thanks Roy!!
Jeanne Redelinghuys Account Manager - Jacaranda 94.2FM
​Seminar selling can be very daunting for any sales person, as this is a venture we do not often partake in. Roy has trained us down to the finest detail of how to handle these sessions, and be properly prepared for each of the seminars, with huge success and astounding results.

I have been trained by Roy for 3 years now, in different aspect of marketing, cold calling and selling, and find his training extremely helpful and insightful in my everyday business. Our team has been fortunate to have been trained by Roy, as would any sales team!
Este Bosman Direct Account Manager - Jacaranda 94.2FM
I have been working closely with Roy over the last 4 years with the BrandXpand campaign at East Coast Radio. I have found Roy extremely professional, insightful and knowledgeable. Roy really knows his “stuff”. I’ve first hand seen him deal with clients, and his sheer insights into the Radio world, clients’ needs and the psychographics behind Radio advertising, his deep understanding of people, and their needs, he has excited clients about Radio advertising and it has been amazing to see clients grow their businesses because of his advice and insights.

Roy is super professional, and is not only involved but concerned about the smallest of details of BrandXpand, he literally lives the brand and he lives what he speaks and sell. It is a great privileged to work with Roy, I’ve learnt so much about Radio advertising from him, but also learnt what I’m capable of because of his involvement as I mentioned in every part of the BrandXpand campaign. He truly is an inspiration and a mentor to me, and anyone doing business with Roy will see multiple layers of changes in their business and personal lives.
Brigitte Sierra-Petrick Marketing Services Executive - East Coast Radio
I had the privilege of working with Roy Hawker during our Heart FM / Brand Pulse event in Cape Town South Africa , watching him present with such passion and incredible knowledge for the Radio Industry was truly amazing.

After the 3 Day marketing event, I had the opportunity to spend one on one time with Roy which needless to say was life changing, on a personal and professional note, Roy has the ability to genuinely understand people’s challenges at work as well as life in general and has solutions for all shapes n sizes . He’s open minded, enthusiastic and allows you to be yourself around him which always creates a relaxed and creative environment to conduct business in.

Roy Hawker Motivates people to be the best version of themselves, he puts his own agenda aside and invests in people! He shares his knowledge and experience freely allowing people to grow in their own path.

I look forward to working with Roy again, and I hope you get the opportunity to do so as well as I can guarantee that he will enrich your life in more ways than one.
Wian van Jaarsveld Account Executive - Heart FM
Roy has helped me to enjoy the profession of selling because through his instruction and guidance I’ve been able to exceed my sales targets and finally earn more than I’ve ever been able to earn.
Nico Govindasamy Direct Account Manager - Jacaranda 94.2FM
Roy is truly a Media-savant. He displays this through his in-depth knowledge of media, marketing and consumer behavior.

His passion and creative mind compliments his profound media knowledge and this is evident his presentation delivery.

He makes radio advertising an obvious choice for business owners to invest in their business and reap the rewards through the remarkable audible medium that we call - radio.

These investment rewards are attained with the right advertising message and that’s where Roy’s collaboration with Ralph Van Dijk, who is a Creative-sage with a list of international awards that amounts taller than his 6-foot stature.
Clint Liddle Account Manager - Heart FM

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